Women in Technology Lunch at SQLRally Nordic

We are delighted to announce that there will be a ‘Women in Technology’ lunch at SQLRally Nordic in Copenhagen, Denmark on 2nd October! The lunch will be held at the lunch break (obviously!) and it will be held at the venue, which will be announced at the event unless I hear earlier.

The SQLRally Nordic event in Copenhagen is a great opportunity to meet and network with your peers. To make it easier for you to meet others, we are arranging an informal lunch with a focus on ‘Women in Technology’ so you can meet your peers to share knowledge, stimulate ideas and build a network.

The topic of discussion for lunch is: ‘Women in Technology: Mentoring, Networking and Careers’ We look forward to hearing your thoughts on a range of questions. How we can attract younger women into IT? How can we keep them there? How does the new world of ‘data, data and more data’ impact careers? What’s the best way to progress your career – male or female?
To meet for lunch, please meet us at at lunchtime on 2nd October and we look forward to meeting you then. 


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