I’ve won an Outstanding SQLPass Volunteer Award!

I’m amazed, elated and honoured to receive the Outstanding PASS Volunteer Award today! I got a lovely surprise email from the SQLPass team, saying that I’d been nominated for the Award and I’d like to express my humble thanks to the SQLFamily person who nominated me anonymously – it was a lovely gift from nowhere, which I didn’t expect!
If you’re thinking of volunteering for SQLPass events, I’d recommend that you ‘go for it’. It’s been life changing for me to become involved with SQLPass as a volunteer.
I am proud and privileged to call people in the SQL Server community as firm friends and SQLFamily, and some of the best, kindest hearts are to be found in this community.  If I hadn’t got involved in PASS, I wouldn’t have met so many ‘gems’, who have uplifted me and, without knowing it, have even revived my belief in the good side of human nature. 
Being part of the SQL Family is very important to me, and I think to myself sometimes that I get every bit as much back from the SQLPass community, as I put in. 
So if you’re thinking of joining SQLPass – please don’t hesitate. Being part of PASS is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done, both personally and professionally since I’ve learned so much from my fellow SQL Server friends and community leaders.
You can see the list of past Outstanding SQLPass Volunteer award winners here. However, the truth is that the SQLPass community is full of awesome volunteers who give up their time, effort and skills to help out the SQL Server community around the world. There are too many to mention here, but here are some of the activities that the SQLPass volunteers do:

  • setting up Chapter meetings
  • organizing free SQLSaturday events  around the world
  • presenting on SQL Server topics
  • holding SQL Server webinars – please take a look at the totally free, totally quality 24 hop SQL Server event which is taking place on 20th September
  • welcoming new members
  • supporting SQL Server ‘newbies’ with questions and advice during User Groups
  • participating as Ambassadors at PASS Summit
  • reviewing session abstracts for events
  • updating the SQLPass website so we can all take advantage of the free online SQL training
  • keeping us all informed about upcoming elections
  • sitting on the Board of Directors

.. the list of the different opportunities is long, and means that there is something for everyone who wants to know more about SQL Server, and perhaps share their expertise too!

Before I go, here is the awesome logo which I’m now delighted to display on my blog!

Yours as always,


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