Event: Now that’s what I call the worst Data Visualisation in the world… Ever!

At SQL Saturday Cambridge on 8th September, myself and Allan Mitchell will be hosting an event entitled ‘Now that’s what I call the worst Data Visualisation in the world… Ever!’

This will be our lunchtime sponsor slot as Copper Blue Consulting.  Now, we understand that lunchtime sponsor slots at sessions are normally some ‘downtime’ for you to have lunch and text your friends 🙂 We don’t intend to do anything that might bore people, so we thought we’d have some fun instead!

This is the intended format…..

– we will bring along some data visualisations that will make you cringe!
– we will have a debate about what’s wrong with them, and invite your participation…. even if it is just to say ‘Ew!’

How you can participate –

Bring along any bad data visualisations that you find on the Internet. Let’s have a quick review and have some fun!

Caveat: Let’s not bring any data visualisations that you, or a colleague, has done in the workplace. We won’t have anything that belongs to a specific company.

If you want some inspiration, here are some examples of 3D floating, gradient-enhanced pie charts done by no other than the clever people over at Apple.

As a final note, if you’ve registered for SQLSaturday Cambridge 162, and can’t attend, then please be a community sport and de-register to let someone have your place. It’s all karma, and you may well get it back one day!

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