MSTechEd Follow Up References on Data Visualisation and Business Intelligence

Here are some follow-up references from my MSTechEd session this week:
Every Friday at 1pm EST – that’s 6pm for us here in the UK – Howard Dresner ( blog | twitter ) and the BIWisdom team use Twitter in order to chair a discussion on business intelligence topics.If you are interested in Business Intelligence, please feel free to join us!
Stephen Few References
Any book or article by Stephen Few, and in particular, I recommend ‘Now You See It‘ 
I suggest you also look at his blog: Once you look at his site, you’ll see why I recommend it. Great writing and smart thinking.
Edward Tufte References
Nathan Yau References

I love the Flowing Data site, and Nathan Yau’s book is entitled ‘Visualise This: The Flowing Data Guide to Design, Visualization and Statistics‘.

Howard Dresner’s Site

Howard Dresner‘s site contains a lot of information, and I recommend that you look at all of it. Excellent work! 

I suggested that you look at his study called ‘The Third Annual Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study’ and Howard Dresner has written about it here. I discuss this study at the beginning and I strongly recommend it for in-depth analysis, and sometimes surprising results!
I hope that this helps!

4 thoughts on “MSTechEd Follow Up References on Data Visualisation and Business Intelligence

  1. Hi Jen,

    Loved your presentation at Tech Ed. It was the most informative session I attended in that I learned things that as a data analyst just don't come naturally, but as some one that consults and presents data to business leadership should be at the forefront of any presentation. I loved all the names you dropped and have been Googling away to try to get a better handle on visualization principles and best practices. I want to follow your blog but don't see any RSS feed. Maybe think about adding that. Best of luck to you and hope that our path's cross again sometime down the way.

    John Bradley
    Broad Analytics Consulting

  2. Hi Jen,

    Wanted to let you know that I caught your session at Tech Ed in Orlando. I thought it was one of the best sessions I caught. After going through all the technical sessions and learning how to do this and that it was awesome to get a perspective on how data visualization can make a huge difference in reception of data. From all the names that you dropped I have been Googling away to try to get caught up to speed on the best practices. Been doing analytics and BI for 10 years and this is something that I have thought so little about. Your session was a real eye opener. Hope that our paths cross again some time in the future.

    Kind Regards,

    John Bradley
    Broad Analytics Consulting
    Kansas City, MO 64155 USA

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