My TechEd 2012 Journey, and some ‘Thank You’ messages from me!

I had the privilege of presenting at TechEd 2012 in June 2012, and my slides can be found below. My topic was Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation, and my intention was to present an overview of PowerPivot, Power View and some Reporting Services whilst providing a background on the ‘why’ of data visualisation.
Before you dive into the slides, a few big ‘Thank You’ messages from me:

I want to say a big Thank You to the organisers. They have put in a superhuman effort to make TechEd a success. In particular, I’d like to thank Dandy Weyn who helped me to overcome some AV issues right before my presentation, along with the other help he’s given me along this TechEd Journey. There are other people as well, such as the organising team at Microsoft, and I’d like to thank them.

I wanted to say a big Thank You to the audience. I loved the participation. Although they may not realise it, they’ve given me a wonderful lifetime experience at TechEd, which I’ll never forget. It was awesome to meet so many people who love Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation as I do. Before I started the session, I asked audience members to introduce themselves and each other. If some post-TechEd friendships spring up as a result of this, I will consider my presentation a success in ways that don’t find their ways into the evaluation summaries.

Therefore, the slide deck is a team effort since I’ve had lots of input and support along the way. Please head over to the Channel 9 site in order to download slides and view the video. The download slides and video link is here, and I look forward to your comments!


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