SQL Relay – Exciting new UK event! A relay rather than a rally

In the UK, an exciting and innovative event will be held in October, called SQL Relay! The SQL Server User Groups in the UK will be holding 16 User Group events in the space of four days, commencing on Monday 3rd October. 

The buzz of activity culminates on Thursday 6th October, where Itzik Ben-Gan will be presenting at the Relay Finish Line at Microsoft’s office in Cardinal Place in London. If you don’t know who Itzik Ben-Gan is, then you don’t know your SQL heritage and it’s even more reason to go!
We will be presenting at three separate events. Allan Mitchell MVP is your host and presenter for the User Group in Manchester on 3rd October. Allan will be discussing Data Quality and Master Data Management for the evening.
In addition to technical people, I’d strongly recommend Allan’s discussion for anyone within an organisation who has dirty data, and is planning to do something pro-actively about it. When facing a data quality project like this, it is useful to gain advice from experts like Allan so that you can skip some of the learning curve and put a robust plan in place. Allan’s happy to take questions as well so I’d take advantage of the opportunity to ask someone who can help you. So, if you are considering taking a friend to a SQL Server UG, this is one to consider.
I am presenting on 4th October in Leeds, on the topic of Mobile Business Intelligence. I chose to present in Leeds because I wanted to meet some of the active SQL Server Twitterati who are based there, and it was a good opportunity to get ‘face to face’ with some of the people that I’ve been tweeting for some time. 
Allan and I are both presenting at the Cambridge User Group on 5th October. This will be the first meeting of the Cambridge User Group, which has been organised by one of my best friends and DBA superhero Mark Broadbent. Mark’s a Community Contributor Award holder, in addition to keeping me right with his DBA expertise. So we were pleased to be in attendance at this event.
I keep hearing this event being called SQL Rally, which is a completely different – and still wonderful – event. I just thought I’d mention that the two events are different, so that there is no mixup! Both events are amazing in their own ways and if you like one, you may well like the other. It’s worth keeping an eye on both!

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  1. Looking forward to the sessions, both at the Relay and the Rally.

    However, theoretically, it could well take you 4 weeks to walk from Cardinal Place to Stockholm, so the Rally could be the last Relay stop ?

    Not that I'm suggesting that for one minute.

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