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Chris Webb et al’s Latest Book on Expert Cubes in SSAS 2008 is now out!

Chris Webb, Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari have produced a book on ‘Expert Cube Development in SSAS 2008’.
Personally I think it’s the book that is the ‘next step’ for SSAS developers. Now that SSAS 2008 is out, there are probably people out there who are like me, who have hands-on experience now in building cubes, read the performance guides and so on – but now it’s time to go on to the next level. For me, this book will fill this gap and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. My latest MS BI project is due to kick off and, before it’s even at planning stages, I’m already looking to sneak at least one cube in there somewhere – so hopefully the book will arrive before then, and that’s my weekend sorted.I couldn’t get it quickly enough on Amazon UK but I’ve ordered it direct from the publishers, which you can do by clicking here.
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