Azure Synapse Docs and Samples now available

Good news! Microsoft have shipped the docs and the start of the samples for Azure Synapse publicly. Azure Synapse is an Azure-based cloud analytics service that provides insights on all data across data warehouses and big data analytics systems. It combines familiar SQL technologies such as data warehousing with Spark technologies used in big data analytics. It also offers pipelines to manage the data and orchestrate data activities. It also combines the data with data science model building and advanced analytics with machine learning via its built-in support for AzureML.

Azure Synapse has it’s own web-native Studio user experience for big data analytics management, monitoring, developing, and security.

Azure Synapse provides the simplest and fastest way for an enterprise to gather insights on any data at any size, using familiar analytics tools such as Power BI. I am excited by the end-to-end data opportunities for businesses to get real insights and proper Business Intelligence, and this is the start of my journey in getting to know it better.

To get you started, I’ve added some links below.

Azure Synapse docs on GitHub

Azure Synapse Analytics Samples

I’m still on my journey of learning this technology, but I’m energized by what it can offer so I’ll keep blogging on the topic. Here is the official Microsoft site for your reference.


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