Inclusive Leadership: Make Your Choices Beautiful

Make Your Choices Beautiful

Everyone has a superpower. By considering our unconscious bias, it means we can take the time to work out what that superpower is.

Make your choices beautiful for others.

We have the chance to do great things with our superpowers every day. We can make our choices beautiful by being inclusive.

When we choose to be inclusive,u00a0our choices make us.u00a0We start to become better versions of ourselves.

Everyone has a superpower and the beauty of diversity and inclusion is that you get to find out what it is.

Make your choices beautiful for yourself.

Even Captain America had help sometimes. Asking for help or advice can seem really hard. However, leadership can be lonely sometimes, and seek our other superheroes whom you can ask for advice, thoughts, and ideas. In the words of Batman, u201cA hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple as putting a coat around a little boyu2019s shoulders to let him know the world hadnu2019t ended.u201d

We are the average of the people that we spend our time with, so choose wisely. There is value in being an unexpected friend for other people. We are here for one another, too.

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