Accessing the Azure WordPress Installation using FTP

Do you need to do some back-end work to secure your WordPress site on Azure? If so, you will need to do some back-end work using an FTP facility, such a FileZilla.

You will need:

  • ftp site
  • username
  • password


So let’s get to it!

Finding the FTP and FTPS site details for Azure WordPress

The FTP URL will look something like this:

You can find it by searching for the Diagnostics Logs section of the App service. Can you see the sections for FTP and FTPS? They are marked in red.

Find FTP and FTPS details

Finding the User Name and Password

Again, you can find these from the Azure portal. Go to the App service, and look for Deployment Credentials. You can reset them here, and use those details as the FTPS username and password.

Deployment Credentials


Using FileZilla

I use FileZilla Pro because it connects to Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon and other sources as well. It’s not expensive and I like having everything in one place.

Here is a sample of the Site Settings in FileZilla.  The FTP URL goes into the Host settings. You can leave out the Port number. The FTP User goes in the User Box, and the Password goes into the Password box.


After that, you should be good to go. I hope you manage to fly with WordPress in Azure!


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