The Accidental Business Intelligence Project Manager

My slide deck from my ‘Accidental Project Manager’ PASS BI VC Chapter are below.

I want to apologise that you couldn’t see the slide deck. I have no idea why that was. GoToWebinar was showing that I was ‘on air’ and only gave me the option to ‘stop showing screen’. I am bewildered and very apologetic.
I also want to say thank you to Julie Koesmarno, who bravely called me up to say that I had a screen problem. Thank you Julie! Incidentally I was very glad that Julie won Outstanding PASS Volunteer I am sure you’ll agree with me that she deserves it.
Also a big Thank You to everyone who attended. Despite the technical difficulties seeing the screen, not one person dropped off. 
As an aside, I am working on a template Project Plan, created in Microsoft Project, that i am looking to share with the PASS community. Would this be helpful to you? If so, please let me know in the comments box and I will make sure that you get a copy. It’s a template that I use myself at Copper Blue Consulting and whilst it is not ‘one size fits all’ for every project, it will give you a bit of a start.
Thanks again!

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