SQLPass Elections – who I’m supporting and why

The Professional Association of SQL Server has elections for the board, and the deadline is 12th October at noon for those of you who haven’t voted yet. 

In this blog, I’m going to share with you my thoughts on whom I’m supporting for the election. Each one of the candidates has my absolute admiration, but it’s been massively difficult to narrow it down to three. Here are my thoughts.

I personally believe that this election should be about voting for the right person with the right skills to take PASS to the next international level. The global growth of PASS  is going to need a steady hand and careful steering, so I’ve had a think about the people who can best help that to happen.

James Rowland Jones

After all the issues of the last election, communication is vital. It’s been important to ensure everyone’s voices are heard in the discussion, particularly around the global growth of PASS. 
Given the issues at the last election cycle, James‘ measured and reasoned response was impressive, and he has had to step up to the PASS plate with a harder start than other Board members.  It says a lot for James’ tenacity that he’s put himself for more hard work this year.

I believe James is the right person for PASS Board of Directors; he brings skills and experience that are unmatched. He brings to this role his SQLBits leadership experience, which has grown to be the most successful, and largest, European community SQL Server conference. He already has self-reliant business acumen, gained from years of delivering hard projects as part of both large and small organisations. – and I believe that James has consistently shown these qualities, and has the evidence to support it. Therefore, I believe he has a good mix of technical and business skills, and is the right person to be on the Board of Directors.

The last election cycle was difficult and unfortunate, and I think that lessons have been learned all around and I hope that everyone will move forward. James has consistently demonstrated that he can do this role, and I believe that his good work should be allowed to continue. 

Wendy Pastrick

Wendy has been a solid supporter of the fledgling Women in Technology growth that we are starting to see here in Europe. I’m intensely grateful to her for all her support and wisdom. Do you ever get emails sometimes where you think “I wish I’d thought of that?” Well, I have that feeling every time Wendy writes me an email! I’ve appreciated her support that is always balanced and reasonable, and I can sense wisdom and leadership from her support. Wendy has never failed to help me, and always has a wise word.

I have always appreciated Wendy’s enthusiasm too. It can be complex to organise WIT events across Europe, with our boundaries of culture and language and attitudes towards WIT.  I always feel buoyed to get a tweet or an email from Wendy, wishing us all the best – and she always remembers when our events are on! When I’m alone, speaking in a new country, such as Bulgaria or Germany where I don’t speak the local language, it’s great to feel a friendly ‘hello’ and support from the other side of the world, and it tells me that we are getting somewhere with WIT in Europe.

It’s good to feel that someone is right there with you, and I’d like to thank Wendy for all the unseen things that she does, in order to help move WIT forward.

Kendal van Dyke

I’ve known Kendal for a long time, and I’ve admired his work to take the SQLSaturdays to a new level as part of the team with Karla. I’ve got nothing but intense admiration for the SQLSaturday team, Kendal and Karla in particular, who work extremely hard and produce great results for the SQL community.
I’ve always admired Kendal’s emphasis on the production of high-quality training materials for PASS, and I think that this is a strategic area where PASS could really make a name for themselves in the SQL Server community.  

I don’t want to get into heated debates – and as I said before, each of the candidates has my deepest admiration and it’s been extremely tough to pick three.

I hope that you will use your vote too! 


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