AI helping Oil And Gas Sector navigate sustainability

AI robot arm with globe and human hands

The importance of clean and sustainable energy solutions has become increasingly prominent in the oil and gas sector. Technology is an integral factor in enabling this transformation and artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a critical enabler. The implementation of AI can help companies optimize production, streamline operations, reduce waste, and enhance worker safety. Utilizing data analytics and predictive models through AI can significantly improve decision-making abilities, leading to increased efficiency and better outcomes overall. Applying AI across the entire energy value chain - from upstream exploration and production to midstream transportation and downstream refining and marketing - can drive significant value creation. Attend Gastech 2023 to explore these exciting opportunities and gain valuable insights from industry leaders, tech experts, and visionaries. Be a part of the global movement driving sustainable practices and innovation for a greener and healthier future. Don't miss this global event!

Schrodinger’s Automation in AI and the Automation Bias

Automation and AI

Automation is one way in which we can have human-centered Artificial Intelligence. It can relieve us from repetitive and mundane tasks so that we can make the most of our human skills and talents. That said, we may have to use those human skills and talents as a check on Artificial Intelligence and its outcomes, or perhaps to solve the problems that appear when we don't open the box. We can be said to have an Automation Bias, where we assume that technology just works.

New Year’s Resolutions for your Business Intelligence, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence teams

What are your New Year's Resolutions for your Business Intelligence, Data Science and AI teams? Check out this post for recommendations on getting ahead for the New Year. I'll share some New Year Resolutions that I think Business Intelligence, Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science teams start doing from today.

AzureML and CRISP-DM – a Framework to help the Business Intelligence professional move to AI

Azure ML can become a part of the data ecosystem in an organization, but this requires a mindshift from working with Business Intelligence to more advanced analytics. How can we can adopt a mindshift from Business Intelligence to advanced analytics using Azure ML? Although CRISP-DM is not perfect, the CRISP-DM framework offers a pathway for machine learning using AzureML.

Top 5 Reasons I’m excited about #SAPAribaLive!

I’m delighted to be attending SAP Ariba Live as a Cloud Influencer on 4th to 6th June in Barcelona. In case you missed it, it looks an extremely exciting conference with amazing conference. I’m going because it aligns with my interests in a number of key ways and I’m going to point you to a … Continue reading Top 5 Reasons I’m excited about #SAPAribaLive!

Get Hygge with it – Your 5 Step Guide to #ESPC18

I’m excited to be presenting at the European Sharepoint, Office365 and Azure Conference in Copenhagen on 26th – 29th November. The conference has great content delivered by Microsoft MVPs, Regional Directors and Microsoft team members. It’s a great place to get all of your Microsoft content and news to help you with your current technical … Continue reading Get Hygge with it – Your 5 Step Guide to #ESPC18

Microsoft Ignite interview with Executive Team on #ArtificialIntelligence, #Data, #OpenSource and #Cloud

There were a number of announcements across Azure Data + AI at Microsoft Ignite, and Im delighted to say that I had the opportunity to interview Rohan Kumar, Corporate Vice President, Azure Data at Microsoft, and Eric Boyd, Corporate Vice President, AI at Microsoft. In the interview, Rohan Kumar and Eric Boyd give their opinions and thoughts to … Continue reading Microsoft Ignite interview with Executive Team on #ArtificialIntelligence, #Data, #OpenSource and #Cloud