The overriding duty as an expert is to the Court. In this capacity, Jen Stirrup will provide an unbiased opinion as an independent witness in relation to those matters which are within her expertise, such as IT consultancy, delivering Artificial Intelligence projects, Business Intelligence projects, data-based products, training material production and related work. The work which is carried out in relation to this retainer is her own and it will not be delegated or subcontracted.

If there is an actual or potential conflict of interest in accepting the Expert Witness retainer, whether financial, personal or professional, please be assured that Jennifer Stirrup will notify the relevant people without delay.

  • Expert reports
  • Giving oral evidence
  • Attending the trial
  • Participating in interviews
  • Hot-tubbing – the court has the power to order experts to give evidence concurrently at trial on an issue-by-issue basis or as directed by the Judge

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