I was honored to present on R, Power BI and AzureML at PASS Summit 2015, as well as deliver a lightning talk on data visualisation. It’s a real privilege, and I have to admit it’s one of the most stressful presentations I do all year. Being on the Board also adds additional pressure, because I have a lot of other duties to perform as a Board member, and I don’t want to let PASS down by being absymal during my performance. So, on the day of my session, I…

  • presented a General Session
  • did a Lightning talk
  • presented with Buck Woody at the Microsoft stand on the topic of Learn Statistics with Guinness
  • interviewed HP during a PASS TV lunchtime slot
  • finished up with a Board Q&A.

I am extremely nervous before I present, to the point where I get an upset stomach. I worry because I care, and I rev myself up so much for the presentation that I’m usually drained afterwards.

People seemed to enjoy the session, but what did my feedback say?

** Note the scale is out of three, not five! **

Overall Scores

Overall Score PASS 2015

Detailed Scores

Overall Detail PASS 2015
After all the effort I’ve put in to give the presentation, I’m extremely heartened by the results.

I’m currently writing a course for PluralSight, and the team over there are giving me plenty of help over sound, audio and so on. I’m hoping that this will help me to get better at audio. It is a total science!

Finally, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended, and gave such great feedback. I’ll try to make sure to do better at audio. My issue with real-life data stories is that my customers are totally confidential and extermely sensitive. Therefore, I have to respect the NDA and customers wouldn’t like me using their data;  hence, I use data from the UCI Machine Learning website so that everyone can access it and follow along with it.


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