Global expertise and supportYou benefit from working with Jennifer Stirrup, who is counted among the Top 100 Global Data Visionaries. With 25 years of experience in the digital field, Jennifer will strengthen your team, supporting you to find the optimal solution for your business.A partner that takes time to listen to youYour goals need planning. Only by listening to a whole range of voices within your organisation can we truly understand what is required to deliver your project successfully. It is a crucial skill that will ensure that you and your business achieve your objectives.Create sustainable successOur ability is to identify those things you need to know but you might find uncomfortable in hearing. Through this process we can help you to make decisions and create a strategy that will deliver sustainable success. Whether your systems are outdated, your resources are misaligned, or your teams require training, our findings build the foundations of organisational transformation.A proven digital transformation processChange requires structure to work and a robust framework to build a strategy. Data Relish has created a proven process that delivers material research findings through our Organisational Health check. Our strategy design and implementation processes are proven across hundreds of projects in 24 countries across the globe. As a result, we are confident we can consistently meet your goals within agreed timelines.

Why Choose Data Relish

As Your Digital Transformation Partner?

To understand your needs, it is essential that your partner listens to you deeply, has the knowledge and experience to create a digital strategy for your business and has the leadership skills to help you execute it.

Data Relish can help your business successfully undergo digital transformation, realise the benefits of AI, and maximise the insights your data can bring you.

Who Do We Work With?

We work with a range of companies often based on multiple sites and many have a global presence. Most clients use a range of systems and software across their organisation that needs streamlining.

Over the years, we have helped clients in 24 countries across 5 continents. Working with CTOs, Heads of Digital and other key business decision-makers, we work across all sectors to help define digital strategies and bring them to fruition. 

Large organisations have benefited from our ability to listen and collaborate across the piece to deliver lasting change. These include the NHS, Médecins Sans Frontières, The Department of Work and Pensions, Virgin Airlines, Easy Jet, Vodafone, and Bristol University.

Our projects have helped the aviation industry increase sustainability by reducing fuel consumption, attracting more students to educational institutions, increasing efficiency through automation, migrating old systems to new ones, and providing comprehensive data streams that drive cost savings and increase margins.

If your organisation needs some expert insight to help you deliver a digital vision, it’s worth your time to have a chat with us. Contact us to set up an appointment here or visit our offices in Hemel Hempstead for a coffee and a conversation. 

Let’s make your data work – together.

Our Partners

The TrueCue Platform is a smart data warehouse automation platform built for business leaders on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Discover a fast, convenient & cost-effective path to the benefits of cloud analytics – with the market’s only fully Platform-as-a-Service for data warehouse automation.

Bob's Business, Partners with Data Relish

Bob’s Business brings cybersecurity to life. When cybersecurity training is designed to inspire cultural change, it reduces your risk of breaches, empowers your team and promotes responsibility. Make cybersecurity culture change a reality through our innovative blend of relatable storytelling, unique assessments and regular reinforcement.

Data Protection People is a privacy and data protection consultancy based in Leeds. Our mission is simple – to make data protection easy for our clients: easy to understand and easy to do. We offer a variety of data protection security and compliance services including Managed Data Protection, Outsourced DPO and SAR Support. Our services are fully flexible to ensure that your individual needs are covered.

Lusitech Consulting, Partners with Data Relish

LusiTech is a UK based company that provides Consulting Services, Maintenance Plans and Technical Training in the following areas:
– SQL Server (on-prem, IaaS and PaaS using Microsoft Azure)
 – Business Intelligence (SSRS, SSIS and PowerBI)
– Infrastructure (on-premises and in the Azure cloud)

Cloudfabrix offer AI & ML Driven IT Operations and Decisions at Scale. Bring operational data from cross-domain tools. Select, prepare and onboard data. Gain full-stack event intelligence. Turn noisy alerts into action. Resolve incidents faster with impact analysis. Root cause inference, collaboration and automation. Act before impact with predictive ML insights.