IT Pros Roundup: Windows as a Service

Not sure what Windows as a service is? With Windows 10, Microsoft moved to deliver Windows as a service which introduces a new way for how it’s built, deployed and serviced.

Start by viewing this 5-minute video demo where Microsoft demystify the core components of the Windows as a service model. I’ve put the video here:

Terminology you should know

  • Feature updates add new features to Windows 10, delivered in an agile manner
  • Quality updates are released monthly and are cumulative.
  • Servicing branches allow organizations to choose when to deploy new features.
  • Deployment rings are groups of devices used to initially pilot, and then to broadly deploy, each feature update in an organization.

Then review this quick guide to the most important concepts and delve into detailed guidance to help you manage Windows 10 updates in your organization.

Roundup of online Windows 10 Resources for IT Professionals and Developers

Here’s a handy list of online videos to help you to get on your way with Windows 10.


IT Professionals

Getting Started with Windows 10 for IT Professionals

I’d also look on Channel 9, and you can find a great start on Windows 10 at Channel 9 here.


What’s new for Windows 10

Getting Started with Windows 10 for developers

Designing with Windows 10, for developers

Developing with Windows 10

Publishing your app with Windows 10