Immersive Reader is now LIVE! New addition to Azure Cognitive Services family

Today, Microsoft launched Immersive Reader, aimed at increasing the opportunities for developers to embed inclusivity in their apps. I love reading, and I love the idea that reading will be brought to people who might otherwise struggle with text reading and comprehension.

You can learn more over at the Azure Cognitive Services website. If you want to get started straight away, here is the Ibiza Portal Create Blade and here’s the Documentation.

Developers have such a unique place in the world, using their creativity to make things better for other people. I’m excited about this journey and let’s see the magic that people create!

SSIS Toolbox components are all missing?! Here’s the fix!

Credit to stux-12364 for the jigsaw image.

When you install SSDT, you can find that the SSIS Toolbox components are all missing.

I am writing this blog for myself BECAUSE I ALWAYS FORGET WHERE IT IS and I am SO ANGRY with myself right now.

Here is what to do:

  • Click on Control Flow
  • Go to the right hand side of the panel and look for the little table thingy
  • Here it is, circled at the right hand side:

SSIS Toolbox

  • Click on it….

And SSIS Toolbox is baaack!