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Book Review: Human Resource Management for MBA and Business Masters

Human Resource Management for MBA and Business Masters
by Iain Henderson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The book Human Resource Management for MBA and Business Masters students offered an excellent introduction to the study of HRM, and I thoroughly recommend it as a way of cutting through the MBA material on HRM.
If you find the Marchington text on Human Resource Management at work a bit dense, then I’d recommend reading the Henderson book first. MBA students will be familiar with this book, which is a ‘big brother’ to the book by Henderson which I’m reviewing here.
Human Resource Management at Work
Henderson’s book distilled the main points of the debates, and it helped to cut through some of the noise before I attempted to go back and read the Marchington book. In other words, it was good to have the ‘skinny’ first before going back to read the Marchington book.
I am a visual learner and I liked the fact that Henderson’s book had diagrams. There were also some case studies, which are useful for my particular learning style because I could remember the examples.
This book is published by the CIPD and I’m glad to say that they did a good job of making this topic accessible. Thank you to Iain Henderson and the CIPD team.

I’m hoping that this academic knowledge will come in useful for my customers, and also for myself when I look at hiring people again. So there is a practical application to acquiring this knowledge, and I am looking forward to using it in the future.


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1 thought on “Book Review: Human Resource Management for MBA and Business Masters”

  1. Good to know, Jen. Thanks for this!

    Just curious… does this book touch on data science work in HRM at all? It seems like data work is something that is becoming increasingly important for how businesses understand their operations externally, but also internally, too.

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