Jen’s PASS Diary: I need input from you!

As always, I don’t speak officially for PASS. Here are a few notes about what I’ve been doing. However, this is an effort to be more transparent, and open about what I am actually doing. I’d also like to re-iterate how people can get in touch, and I recommend that you do get in touch!

I’m getting things ready for PASS Business Analytics Conference. I realise it must feel like a long time since we released any news about that! We are hoping to get speaker confirmations, and the regrettable rejections, out shortly. I know it sounds like a cliché, but we had a huge number of submissions for the event from all over the world. I have loved watching the event take a life of its own, as a little sister underneath the wing of its much bigger brother, PASS Summit. We have taken volunteers for the community to help us to choose sessions, and we released guidelines before the speaker call in order to help people target their abstracts better. More on this later.

So, I have a PASS Board meeting just before PASS Summit, and I need your input. Let me know your feedback, questions, and comments. I hold the EMEA seat but I am willing to take feedback about anything PASS related. To do this, please email me at and I will take your feedback along with me. Also, if you want me to keep the commentary confidential, I am happy to respect your wish.

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