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Please deregister from SQLSaturday London Business Analytics edition if you’re not coming

SQLSaturday London Business Analytics Edition is a community-run, no-frills event.

It’s free to you, the community member. How does it work? I raise sponsorship funds to cover costs of the food, venue and so on in order to make the day happen for you all. It’s been hard work, but lots of fun too!

Speakers give up their time, and travel at their own cost, to share their knowledge and expertise with you. Therefore, it is a real team effort and I’d like to thank all of the sponsors and speakers who make it happen!

If you are not coming, we would be very grateful if you would please deregister.

We have a big waiting list, so it would help to make the day special for someone else, and it would help reduce our costs when people don’t turn up even though they’ve not deregistered.

Can’t make up your mind? If you’d like to view our schedule, please click here.

Want to plan your trip? The Innovation Warehouse address can be found here and here is a map, just in case.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 22nd November!

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