Jen’s Diary: Virtual Chapter Meeting

As before, I don’t – and can’t – speak for PASS. All of the below is just my opinion, plus an apology.

Once again, I’d like to thank the VC Leaders and Co-Leaders for their effort that they have put in. I know that the VCs have got a dedicated, global following and this is set to continue!

For PASS Summit, I understand that there is some disappointment over the timing of the Virtual Chapter leaders session, and the fact that it clashes with other things.

I do apologise about this issue.

Unfortunately, given that the MVP Summit and PASS Summit are being held simultaneously, we only had one time slot available for the Virtual Chapter session, which is Wednesday at 12 o’clock.

I realise that, previously, you have had a choice of options about when you would like the VC session to take place.

This year, there were no options on offer, and this timing was the only one available to us. I don’t have the control over these things, as some people like to think! We have done our best.

I can only say that the scheduling folks at PASS and Microsoft have done their absolute best to please everyone. They have had a huge, nay, MAMMOTH task in pulling everything together and they are to be thanked.

Unfortunately, finding an optimal solution for everyone hasn’t been possible for everyone attending. Remember that there are about 6K folks attending PASS Summit and 2K or so ( a guess! ) attending MVP Summit, and practically speaking, it isn’t possible to get a solution that pleases everyone all of the time.

Pragmatically speaking, the sheer numbers will mean that a huge organisation will have taken place and I am absolutely not criticising anyone. Instead, I’d like to thank the scheduling folks at PASS and Microsoft (the unsung heroes) who have done their best to please as many people possible. I would like to thank people in advance for their understanding, and hope that people will spend a moment to reflect on the sheer effort that folks have put in to make both Summits special and as easy as possible for everyone.

The VC Pathways

I am uploading the VC Pathways sessions to the Business Intelligence Virtual Chapter YouTube channel. I did not get very many people attending the sessions – the highest number was 16, and the lowest number was 8. Despite this, I hope that the attendees got something out of it.

For those of you who didn’t attend, I hope that the YouTube videos I made will help you. I have tried my best to demystify GoToWebinar and the PASS website. I have got further plans in place, and I will discuss those after Summit is over.

Kind Regards,


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