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What do you need for my SQLBits R and PowerBI session? Nothing!

What do you need for my SQLBits R and PowerBI session? Nothing! 
I am not expecting people to have installed anything in advance, hence I have made no requests for the event. I will cover it during the session. Usually people never do it in advance because they are hassled in work, trying to clear their desks before getting training.
When I’ve held this course before, only about a third of people joined in as i went along. The others were happy to take notes and watch demos. Sometimes people are not given laptops out of the office. I run the course with this in mind. People learn in different ways.
R has its own inbuilt data sets so you will not require any preparation in advance, in terms of the data or the software. We will be looking at a wide range of things. I will make the R scripts available to you on the day as well.
The SQLBits wifi should be good; and if it not, then I have everything on USBs.
I hope that helps and that you enjoy your day, if you are attending.

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