SQL Server Data Tools – September 2012 Update and updated Power Tools are released!

The SSDT team’s continued commitment to delivering regular, frequent releases of SSDT to the web has shown itself once again! There’s a new download available to you, and you can get it here.
Also – the SSDT team have produced new Power Tools. The full blog list is here. The purpose of the current blog is to release this information to Business Intelligence people, in the hope that some of this news will be relevant and provoke some interest amongst BI people to take a look! The full SSDT Team Blog is here
So what is all the latest news for Business Intelligence people? Here is a summary of the main topics:
Visual Studio 2012
 – this release of SSDT supports the Visual Studio 2012 shell.  
 – contains several bug fixes to the SSDT version that shipped in Visual Studio 2012
 – release can be applied  as an update on top of Visual Studio 2012 Professional, Premium, and Ultimate Editions

Updated SSDT Power Tools
The September 2012 update is compatible with updated Power Tools. Take a look here:

 These updated Power Tools rely on the September 2012 update, so make sure that you install it first! 

LocalDB Configuration Improvements
  – easier to create a new single localdb instance called Projects to host all the project debug databases.  
– enhancement to SQL Server Object Explorer by surfacing the default localdb instance and enabling the deletion of localdb instances.
Support for ANSI_NULLS and QUOTED_IDENIFIER Properties
  – now, SSDT support database objects with non-standard ANSI_NULLS or QUOTED_IDENTIFIER properties on project and script files.
I hope that helps – so head on over to the SSDT Team Site and take a look at the September 2012 update and the updated Power Tools.

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