Blogging is a two-way conversation!

The community blogging event #meme15 created by Jason Strate ( Blog | Twitter ) challenged SQL bloggers to write about blogging, in the hope that this will encourage people. This challenge provoked me to think about the reason that I blog. I have a number of reasons for blogging:

Blogging is a two-way conversation. I get comments and emails via my blog and I cherish them all. Even the challenging comments are superb, because I am glad that someone has taken the time to comment and it helps me to learn. 

Blogging helps me to connect with the community. At SQLBits and other community events, I don’t always get the chance to speak properly with the people that I’d like to meet. I also don’t get the chance to answer all the questions that I receive during my sessions. My blog is a way of reaching out to people, and it is always here. I can use it to respond to queries,and then write to the individual to say that I’ve answered via my blog without naming them.

There are some lonely people in the community. I’m sad to say that I occasionally come across some very lonely people in the community. Blogging means that you can start to touch people, and they can touch you. 

I love Business Intelligence so much because it is a people subject as well as a technical subject.  The ‘people’ aspect is very much a part of the heart of my passion for Business Intelligence. Blogging is my way of understanding different people’s perspectives.

Blogging has also helped me to feel part of the community, regardless of distance or time. It helps me to connect. As we all know, it can be difficult to juggle family, work, life, learning, reading books and ‘me time’. Blogging is, for me, a way of reaching out to people regardless of their distance or time difference or my commitments or their commitments. 

Blogging helps me to really know my stuff. I’m a firm believer in that, to really know something, you have to be able to explain it. I also want to put back into the community some of the help I’ve had over the years, including people on this list, from whom I’ve learned a great deal over the years. It’s always nice to know that you’ve made someone’s day a bit easier just by lending a ‘helping hand’ remotely.

I know that this is more personal than what I usually write, but I hope it helps you to see why I blog. Your feedback is always welcome!

Jen x

6 thoughts on “Blogging is a two-way conversation!

  1. Great post, Jen. I really like, “Blogging has also helped me to feel part of the community, regardless of distance or time.” I am asked so many times how I manage to keep up and do all the things while having a family, job etc…Blogging is one of the ways that makes that possible. Doesn't take long to write or read and it keeps all in touch with SQL Server and our community.

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